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Start with a Sound Strategy

The strategy phase includes planning and documentation for Information Architecture (IA), user behaviors, content structure, search strategy, and user journey mapping.

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A Strategic Approach

Every project has a purpose. Helping users accomplish that purpose should be at the heart of every decision. The strategy phase uses research from our proven Discovery and Diagnostics phase and competitive analysis to influence design, technical requirements and development decisions. Our experience shows that without a proper strategy, web projects are less impactful and more expensive.

We follow a thoughtful process to ensure that sitemaps, wireframes, designs, and technical requirements all support the business objectives of the project.

Steps in the Strategy Phase Include:

  • Identifying Business Requirements
  • Usability Testing
  • Initial Sitemaps
  • Page-by-Page Wireframe Creation
  • User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)
  • Unique Technical Requirements
  • Initial Design Testing
  • Unique Technical Requirements

While each project is slightly different and has unique requirements, this phase always results in a roadmap for visual design and strategic layout.

Key Benefits of Strategy

Making strategic decisions that impact long-term ROI



Align diverse stakeholders on responsibilities, requirements and potential roadblocks.



Identify and agree on key metrics used to measure project success.



Discover and prioritize special requirements while seeking helpful context from a range of stakeholders.



Prioritize both user and business goals to create a focused project roadmap.